Saturday, September 13, 2014


Flash Read Error, Flash Drive not recognized- How to repair USB flash drive

21 02 2008 Many times we see flash storage that is not recognized by the Operating System due to formattingflash drive not recognized problems, read errors, and lost file table information. Many times this is not a disaster, but rather an easily and quickly correctable data recovery issue that can be handled cheaply by a professional recovery shop.
If you feel you are up to the challenge you will need several things:
  1. Weller WP25 Soldering iron
  2. Weller ST7 Solder Iron Tip-Conical
  3. Soldering station with alligator clips. iron holder & magnifying glass
  4. putty knife or strong blade to cut into drive case
  5. some soldering skill
usb-repairPlease do not attempt this procedure if you cannot afford to lose all your data, leave this procedure to the professionals.
The first step is to 1-gently cut into the case, not touching any of the sensitive components inside (this is really a ONE-SHOT deal) if you screw them up, oh well, you saved money but lost all your data. 2-peel back the case, exposing the board and chipset. 3-identify the broken connectors, this is the trick, and you may need a higher powered dual-scope for this procedure. Resolder the connectors after identifying them. If this procedure does not work, you may need to remove the connector completely, and attach wires to the board that are tied to a new cable connector. (refer to images)
usb-cable-wiring-diagram fro repair
This image will guide you to connector alignment(do not connect to the wrong lead, you WILL damage your data) making sure the alignment is correct. Connect your newly repaired usb connector to the machine….VOILA !!
If you have difficulty in this procedure, please give us a call

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Flash Samsung GT S3770K to get back the Built-In Apps like Facebook,Gtalk,etc...

Here for the first I am Posting A method to get back Your Samsung Champ 3G Phone's In-Built Apps.

1 PC running Windows XP/7/8/Vista,
1 USB to Micro USB Cable ,
Internet Plan with 80 MB Data Volume,
150 MB of Hard Disk Storage.

Difficulty : Should be A PC User...

First Download The Firmware From

Extract the file S3700KDDH1.rar with WinRar...

Now Open that folder and you'll see :

Now Open the Flash Loader Folder and you'll see:

Extract the Sunstone Folder and run the Setup.exe of that folder....

After Installing Download Mode Drivers, Run bfloader.exe in Admin mode(Right click>Run as..)

It will open the Flashing Tool:
Now tick the "Main" And "CSC" and Locate the "Main" as yourfolder*/S3770KDDH1/BIN/S3770KDDLH1.ptt
And the "CSC" as yourfolder*/S3770KDDH1/CSC/S3770KDDLH1.ptt  as shown in the Pic:

Now Click on "Main Partition Table" and tick all selection BUT   Dont tick the selections of "Partition 9-12" (Dont TICK sysv and sysv_bk) If you tick, it will Erase your IMEI !

Just Tick the selection of Partition 1-4 and Partition 5-8 Tab and click ok ...

Do the Same With CSC Partition Table Selection ....

Now Click on Start (on the Application) and First Switch Your GT S3700K OFF And Press Volume UP key and Screen Lock And Connect your Device to PC/Laptop via USB and Wait for Device get installed and you'll see this after Sometime :

After All Process and Task been done, the Flasher Application will show this:

And Now Disconnect the Device and Take the battery out and reinsert it And Switch ON the Phone and You're Done....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Hi members! Today I'm here to teach you how to root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.

====Rooting your phone====

1. Download the necessary root package HERE. (I replaced to the latest version.)

2. Copy the downloaded "" file to the top folder of the microSD card.

(NOTE: DO NOT EXTRACT IT! If you EXTRACT it, it will NOT working for rooting your phone!)

3. If plugged in, unplug the handset from the PC and turn it off.

4. Put it into recovery mode – To do this, press and hold the Volume up key + Home key (the middle button on the front of your device) and press the power button until it goes into recovery mode.

5. Select Apply update from SD card and locate the "" file you copied to the microSD card. Press the Volume up or down to navigate and then press Home button to select the option.

6. Let the rooting process complete. When done, select "Reboot system now" to restart the device.

Your Galaxy Y should now be rooted!!!

(NOTE: After you rooted your phone, I recommended you to install Root Explorer for game mod and much more!)
How to hack any facebook account without NO keyloging pishing required, PASSWORD HACKING
  by Hackermilan
How to hack any facebook account easily by Reverting/Reseting pass of your victim NO keyloging pishing required
Here is one more interesting tip on how to hack a Facebook account by the method of reverting the password.This method does not involve any skill or anything just a brain would be enough to get you through this trick ! Well,you might think that it is impossible but it is actually true that you can hack any facebook account ! So before we start i would like to tell you what “Reverting” actually means…

What is Reverting ?
Reverting is the process of resetting a password without the knowledge of the actual user ! So this is basically a low level of hacking but it does the job for you !
For more on reverting go here : What exactly is reverting ?
How do I hack my friend’s Facebook ?
Make sure your not logged in to your account.If you are then make sure you sign out and then follow the following methods
1.Go to this link: /
That is the form that you will be using in order to hack your user.
2.Then in “Your E-mail Address” type your E-mail address.
3.Then apply the following options as in the image below.
4.Once you have done that,You will have a question asking “Email associated with the compromised account.” – In that just type “No” and nothing else other than that !
5.In “Your contact email address.” – Type your own email for you to receive the Password Reset Link.
6.In the “Full Name of the Account.” – Type the Name of your victim if you know.If you don’t then:

a.Try finding the Name of the victim by just searching his/her e-mail on Facebook.
b.If that doesn’t work then google the E-mail address of your Victim,that might give you some details.
c.If that also doesn’t work then use the following sites to get them
So if you follow one of the above methods you should be getting the Full Name of your victim.Now lets move on to the next step
7.”Date Of Birth” – In this column you have to enter the Birthday of your Victim.If you know him personally then you should be knowing it.If not you can just social engineer him and somehow make him tell it.Once you get it you have to enter it in that.
8.”URL (web address) of your compromised profile.” – This is just the profile URL of your Victim which can be got easily(Usually of the form:
9.Now your all set ! Before you submit the form just make sure you recheck the whole form if you have done the right thing.Once you do so just click on “Submit”
10.Thats it ! You have done it ! Now you just have to wait for Facebook team to look up for your request ! Once they approve it they will send a link to reset your victim’s Password!